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Bracelets made of natural stones: features of the choice

Bracelets made of natural stones: features of the choice

The nature of our planet is full of a variety of natural stones, each of which is unique in its own way. All minerals vary in color, hardness, and other properties. To choose the most suitable version of a bracelet with a natural gem, you need to take into account several important nuances. It is about them that we will tell in this article.



Gems are a good addition to jewelry made of precious metals. They make the appearance of jewelry more spectacular, surprise with the play of light and radiance. Depending on the model of the product, they are suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Also, minerals can emphasize the beauty of their owner, if you choose them correctly.

In addition to the mesmerizing luster, jewelry with stones has magical and healing properties. For each person, they can become a real talisman that will attract positive energy. Also, gems can:

  • protect from the evil eye and damage;
  • help in solving difficult life problems;
  • find your love; build self-confidence;
  • overcome your fears.

In addition, they have a positive effect on the health of their owner.




To choose a bracelet with a natural stone, you need to take into account the features of your appearance. The first thing you should pay attention to is your color type. If you have dark hair, brown eyes, dark skin, then in this case it is advisable to choose rich shades from a warm palette. As for metal, you can wear gold, silver, and platinum here. The first type of metal in this case will emphasize the beauty of the skin, and the rest will play on the contrast and further emphasize the tan.

Some natural minerals have powerful energy, so you should not wear them every day

Pale-skinned girls with light hair and gray-blue eyes should choose pastel and translucent stones of a cold color palette. They will be able to emphasize the tenderness of the owner's appearance. If we talk about the type of metal, then in this case it is worth stopping at silver, platinum or white gold.




The most successful way to choose a bracelet with a gemstone is to choose it according to the zodiac sign:

  • Aries (diamond, ruby, pearl, carnelian, hematite, rock crystal);
  • Taurus (aventurine, rose quartz, topaz, turquoise, sapphire, onyx);
  • Gemini (opal, citrine, beryl, alexandrite, chrysoprase, rhodonite);
  • Cancer (aquamarine, chalcedony, beryl, moonstone, tiger's eye, heliotrope);
  • Lion (obsidian, opal, tourmaline, amber, hyacinth, jasper);
  • Virgo (aventurine, emerald, neurite, garnet, jadeite, carnelian);
  • Libra (lapis lazuli, malachite, citrine, opal, rhodonite, jasper);
  • Scorpion (beryl, aquamarine, turquoise, amethyst, hematite, alexandrite);
  • Sagittarius (hyacinth, topaz, chalcedony, tourmaline, emerald, Obsidian);
  • Capricorn (ruby, zircon, chrysoprase, garnet, turquoise, opal);
  • Aquarius (rose quartz, obsidian, beryl, lapis lazuli, pearl, sardonyx);
  • Fish (moonstone, chalcedony, coral, opal, jet, amethyst).

So, these tips will help you choose the right bracelet with natural gems. Such a new thing will become your amulet and protect you from any negativity. Due to its physical qualities, it will serve you for many years.

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