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Fifth chakra Vishuhda: the bridge to higher levels of consciousness

Fifth chakra Vishuhda: the bridge to higher levels of consciousness

The existence of chakras in every human being is scientifically proven, and their functioning is partially explained. Each chakra is responsible for a specific area of the physical body and for a person's spiritual skills and energy balance. To optimize their functioning, it is necessary to engage in opening the chakras, as they may not always be harmonious.

The fifth chakra, known as Vishudha, is responsible for creative abilities and communication. Depicted in blue, Vishudha is often symbolized as a circle with 16 petals, located at the base of the throat. It signifies purity of soul, honesty of thinking, and creativity, enabling the expression of creative ideas and skills. An open Vishudha is associated with recognized geniuses and provides a burst of creative energy and super ideas.


Vishudha governs creativity, expression of ideas, internal perception of one's abilities, manifestation of talents, communication, interaction with the self, and spiritual beauty and morality. Disharmonious development of Vishudha may result in dissatisfaction with oneself and others, extreme introversion, and a reluctance to communicate.

The throat chakra's imbalance is also indicated by an inability to create, regardless of professional artistic skills. People with inflated self-esteem, excessive pride, and susceptibility to self-criticism may have an imbalance in this chakra. Negative emotions and human sins, such as envy, anger, intolerance, and jealousy, can disrupt Vishudha's function.


Vishudha's primary responsibility is the throat, and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat are connected to a blocked Vishudha. Spending time in nature, developing creative abilities, attending workshops and seminars, and appreciating beauty in theaters, exhibitions, and art galleries can help heal and unblock Vishudha.

Surrounding oneself with blue elements, such as clothing, interior items, and jewelry, can optimize Vishudha's function. Additionally, turquoise, aquamarine, and blue tourmaline are ideal stones for throat chakra optimization, whether worn as jewelry or used in meditation.


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