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Fourth chakra Anahata: The center of love

Fourth chakra Anahata: The center of love

The concept of chakras as energy centers within the human body originated in India. Traditionally, there are believed to be seven chakras, although alternative theories propose the existence of additional energy centers. One of the pivotal chakras is the anahata or heart chakra, representing balance and equilibrium. Positioned as the 4th chakra, it symbolizes love, sublime emotions, and the direct experience of divine presence within oneself. Anahata's energy is vital for the overall well-being of the body, acting as a center of balance among the three lower and three upper chakras.



It is theorized that by the age of 21, individuals have their chakras functioning at levels carried over from previous incarnations. However, further development is contingent on their perception and experiences in the current life.

The heart chakra, located in the chest area near the heart, serves as a nexus connecting the lower and upper chakras. It governs qualities such as empathy, openness to the world, unity of mind and heart, spiritual and physical harmony, wisdom, kindness, forgiveness, patience, intuition, and healing.

Harmonious functioning of the heart chakra results in feelings of love, inner harmony, balance, joy, inspiration, and successful self-realization in the creative sphere. On the contrary, an imbalanced heart chakra may lead to egoism, attachment to fetishes, deceit, indecision, lack of confidence, impatience, laziness, anger, indifference, and arrogance.

Signs of an unbalanced 4th chakra include a sense of loneliness, depressive states, or falling into love dependence on a partner. Various practices can be employed to achieve harmony in the anahata, including:



Chanting the YAM mantra associated with the heart chakra or listening to it.

Aromatherapy with scents like cedar and sandalwood corresponding to anahata.

Yoga practices, especially those involving poses that work specifically with the heart chakra.

Meditation involving complete relaxation, concentration on the heart center, and visualization of a rotating flow of turquoise and gentle green energy.

Additionally, the use of crystals and stones in green, yellow, and pink hues, such as rose quartz, tourmaline, emerald, and jadeite, can help cleanse the anahata of negativity and promote various virtues.

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