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Influence of Stones and Minerals on Human Chakras

Influence of Stones and Minerals on Human Chakras

The seven chakras, vital energy centers along the spine, play a crucial role in determining the overall well-being of the human body. Disturbances in these chakras can weaken the biofield and contribute to various ailments. In ancient times, Indian healers devised a method to influence chakras using stones, a practice that has proven effective over centuries.

Stones, like chakras, possess specific frequency characteristics, acting as energy generators. Their vibrations enhance and stimulate the subtle energies of chakras, contributing to their activation and harmonization. This methodology, rooted in ancient Eastern healing practices, differs from the Western astrological approach, focusing on the correspondence of stones to chakra vibrations rather than horoscopes.

Each stone carries its own energy charge (IN or YAN) and vibration frequency aligned with specific chakras. Applying stones with corresponding vibrations on certain points or diseased organs can either draw out pain (INH stones) or energize weakened organs (YAN stones).

Natural stones act as accumulators and conductors of natural energy, redistributing vital forces in the subtle body as needed. Harmonizing the spiritual and emotional aspects of an individual can positively impact their physical well-being through the correct use of stones to open chakras.

To open a chakra, the right stones must be chosen, aligning with the energy pathways and channels. Stones with medium or small energetic influence are suitable for cleansing and minor corrections, while more powerful stones may be needed for unblocking and treating severe energy flow issues.

Methods for Using Stones to Open Chakras:

  • Mineral Meditation:

Engage in daily meditation for 15-20 minutes, holding the chosen mineral in your palms opposite the chakra that requires correction. This allows for deep interaction with the energy of the mineral.



Wearing Amulets:

Wear a talisman made of natural stone, such as a bracelet, for a constant harmonizing effect on the overall energy field. The bracelet on the right aids in establishing the owner's energy flows, while the left has a greater influence on the energies of others.


Massage with Stones:

Remove blockages and activate chakras through massage with well-polished stones. Ensure the massage tools have no sharp corners, and use soft, non-traumatizing movements. Warming the crystal slightly before massage enhances its energy impulse.


Various methods exist to work with stones for chakra balancing. Explore a range of stones for each chakra on our website.

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