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Jewelry Care Tips: How to Keep Your Precious Pieces Shining Bright

Jewelry Care Tips: How to Keep Your Precious Pieces Shining Bright


In order for jewelry to enjoy years of pristine brilliance and beauty, it is necessary to follow a set of simple recommendations when caring for it. Specific tips are determined by the material of the jewelry, the peculiarities of design, the presence or absence of precious stones. What exactly do they consist in? 


  1. Basic dangers 

Regardless of the type, jewelry should be taken care of from the following: 


Mechanical stresses. Before training or home cleaning, it is better to remove your favorite rings and pendants. An accidental blow, even not the strongest, can lead to the appearance of pronounced deformations, falling out of stones; 


High temperatures. If you forget the jewelry near the heating device or on the windowsill, lit by the sun, you may notice that the stones have faded, the play of light has become less attractive, and the color has become less saturated; 


Contact with cosmetics and household chemicals. It is better to remove jewelry not only before cleaning, but also, for example, before applying moisturizing cream to your hands. The less fatty acids, solvents (even not aggressive) affect the metal and gemstones, the better. It is not superfluous to remove all the beauty before visiting the pool or swimming in the sea, chlorine and salt also pose a certain danger to the products.


  1. Care of gemstones 

When choosing a way to restore purity, you need to consider not only the metal, but also gemstone inserts: 


Diamonds. In this case, everything is as simple as possible: an ordinary soap solution will do; 

Emerald. Compared to a diamond, it is an extremely demanding stone, vulnerable to chemical agents, even in small concentrations. It can be cleaned only with a very weak soap solution, but it is safer to go to a workshop; 

Sapphires, rubies. The rules of care are comparable to diamonds, soap can help; 

Pearls. Again, you can use soap, but not a solution, but foam, which is carefully wiped over the surface of the pearl.


  1. Storage:

   - Proper Storage: Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place away from sunlight and humidity to prevent tarnishing and discoloration. Use individual compartments, pouches, or jewelry boxes to prevent pieces from scratching or tangling with each other.

   - Separation: Keep different types of jewelry separated to prevent damage. Store delicate pieces like pearls and gemstones separately from metal jewelry to avoid scratches and abrasions.


Caring for your jewelry is essential to maintain its beauty, longevity, and sentimental value. By following these useful tips for cleaning, storing, maintaining, and avoiding damage, you can ensure that your precious pieces continue to shine bright and bring joy for generations to come. Remember, a little care and attention go a long way in preserving the beauty and brilliance of your beloved jewelry.

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