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On which hand women wear a bracelet: energy of hands and features of accessories

On which hand women wear a bracelet: energy of hands and features of accessories


In ancient times, bracelets were a magical accessory. Wearing them could mean status in society or influence the fate of a person. Now with the help of bracelets, you can also understand a lot about a woman, especially about her sense of style.


Basic rules of wearing

Since the twentieth century, certain rules for wearing bracelets have been introduced. They are not strict, but rather they are inferences based on common sense.



First of all, they start from the clock. There are more right-handers, they have a dial on their left hand, which means that the right wrist is released for the bracelet. 

Thus, the principle appeared, to wear jewelry on the right hand mainly.

The most important thing to remember is that you can not combine several bracelets on one hand. Especially if they differ in style and contradict each other.



In modern fashion, they try to emphasize individuality.

The classic rules already have almost no weight, so do not be afraid to break them for your own personal reasons.



Modern women of fashion boldly wear bracelets on both hands, and there may even be several of them. It is not uncommon to notice a combination of bracelets with a wristwatch, which was previously considered unacceptable.

The most important thing is not to overdo it with jewelry. Everything should have harmony in style and measure in quantity.


Energy of the right hand

Experts believe that the right hand is able to attract a variety of energy to a person.



That is why it is not recommended to take anything with this hand, especially when it comes to money. Otherwise, you can attract negativity to yourself.

As jewelry, bracelets and chains made of precious metals are best suited here. It can be gold or silver.

The first attracts the energy of the Sun, and with it joy and love.

The second metal is colder, it depends on the Moon. It is also an energy that can give strength.



However, at night, it can accumulate negativity in itself. Astrologers advise you to remove silver jewelry from your right hand at night, and gold can be left for any period of time.


Energy of the left hand

The left hand gives the energy of the owner. Choosing the right jewelry can get rid of the negative.



It is also possible to build a competent defense. The bracelet is perfect, because it has the shape of a ring.

If you avoid tricky tangles and do not choose models with a gap, you can create a protective circle. A variety of natural minerals can help strengthen it.



When choosing stones, it is important to pay attention to your zodiac sign, as well as to which planets during this period of time most manifest their properties.

If a girl inherits jewelry or buys an antique accessory for herself, it is better to wear it on her left hand, this will help block the possible negative energy of previous owners.


Universal bracelets

Some jewelry can be worn on any hand without fear of energy. Bracelets made of stone, wood, or leather can be worn to suit your taste.



Fashionistas on the catwalks decorate their hands with similar materials in a completely random order. You can complement your image without fear that it will turn out to be a manifestation of bad taste.

Every girl should understand that the bracelet is only an addition to the image.

It should not attract too much attention. For everyday wear, thin chains or simple leather headbands are suitable.



On a holiday, you can safely wear precious stones, and at work you will limit yourself to ornate weaving made of gold or silver. A bracelet is not just a simple dye job.

Depending on which hand it is worn on, it can bring happiness and lead away negativity or attract trouble.

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