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Unblocking the Chakras: Your Guide. Part One

Unblocking the Chakras: Your Guide. Part One

Before starting to harmonize energies with the help of natural stones, it is important to know which minerals have a beneficial effect on each of the chakras, as well as to learn how to determine which of the energy centers needs the healing powers of nature at the moment.

Each of the chakras corresponds to certain colors that enhance it. Also energy centers are connected with zodiacal signs - representatives of signs "connected" with a chakra have its properties and influence more strongly than other people, as well as planets and bodies of the Solar System.

1. Muladhara - Root Chakra

Inner stability, fullness of vital energy, success in business and confidence in oneself and tomorrow are inherent in a person with a harmonious lower chakra. Indiscretion (in food, sex, satisfaction of any low needs), irresponsibility, egoism, aggression, neuroses testify to the imbalance of Muladhara. 

The chakra can be worked through with the help of minerals of black and red colors. The most powerful helpers in working with Muladhara are red jasper, garnet and hematite. To open and harmonize the first chakra, one should meditate in the center of a circle of stones harmonious to it for several hours. To restore the energy flow in the chakra, a ring with the mineral is worn on the little finger, also from jewelry will help bracelets made of appropriate stones.

2. Svadhisthana - Sacral Chakra

If Svadhistana is harmonious and filled with energy, a person is satisfied with his life (including sexual), charismatic and full of vitality. Sexual intemperance (or, on the contrary, excessive tightness), depression, jealousy signal failures of energy flow in Svadhisthana. Blockage of this chakra can manifest through diseases of the female and male genital organs, infectious pathologies of the urinary tract, potency disorders.

Sard, moonstone and carneol are the main minerals whose energies contribute to harmonization and unblocking of the third chakra. Also in working through Svadhisthana will help gems of orange colors, for example, fire opal, agate, orange spinel. Meditation to open this chakra is carried out in the lotus position, the mineral should be held in front of you in folded palms. You can strengthen the effect if you hold a stone in each hand during meditation (the stones should be different - for example, in one hand carneol, and in the other - a sun stone), hands in this case put on your knees with the back side down.

Jewelry to harmonize the work of Svadhistana - a ring with a mineral of this chakra on the little finger. Also to work through the chakra will help jewelry in the form of pendants, which should be worn, placing the minerals just below the waist.

3. Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

Willpower, strong character, leadership qualities, the ability to find the optimal balance between emotions and logic - manifestations of harmonious work of the third chakra.
Blocked Manipura affects the state of health: diabetes, liver failure, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract develop, digestive processes are disturbed. Mentally, a person becomes embittered, dissatisfied, selfish and vindictive, often suffers from insomnia, feels envy of others. Minerals whose energies help harmonize the work of Manipura are natural stones of yellow shades (the most effective will be the interaction with citrine, amber and tiger's eye, can also help jasper, topaz, tourmaline).

How to unblock the third chakra? The effective way is meditation. Meditate contemplating minerals illuminated by living fire (for example, candle flame) for a quarter of an hour. There may be a feeling as if a person is "drawn" into the crystal - it means that harmonization is successful. A ring with a Manipura crystal is recommended to be put on the ring finger. Such a ring can be worn while meditating to enhance the effect. It is possible to strengthen the influence of the gem on the problem area by wearing a belt inlaid with minerals.

4. Anahata - Heart Chakra

If the fourth chakra is open and harmonized, a person is capable of sincere love, of transforming the world in the direction of improvement, of creation, in addition, he can perceive beauty (including art) and feel the true joy of life. Loss of sense of justice, jealousy, callousness, indifference and isolation, problems in love relationships, and sometimes - panic fear of losing a loved one - these are manifestations of the fact that Anahata is blocked or underdeveloped. Physiologically, problems with it are manifested through cardiovascular pathologies, blood diseases, bronchopulmonary system, and skin diseases.

Emerald, tourmaline and malachite, as well as green, white, pink and multicolored minerals will help to work through the heart chakra. Meditation for harmonizing Anahata consists in continuous contemplation of the mineral for a quarter of an hour. Wearing pendants with its minerals or a ring on the ring finger is also useful for awakening the energies. 

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