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Unblocking the chakras: Your guide. Part Two

Unblocking the chakras: Your guide. Part Two

Let's continue our guide about unblocking the chakras. Today we will look at the remaining 3 chakras.

5. Vishudha - Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is responsible for the correct functioning of the organs of speech and hearing, the respiratory system. A person whose Vishudha works harmoniously is communicative, open and sociable, fearless in expressing feelings and thoughts, a virtuoso in speaking and an excellent listener.

If a person feels groundless fear, becomes insecure, stiff, afraid of criticism, sometimes even stammers - these are symptoms of Vishudha block. Pathologies of the thyroid gland, inflammation of the tonsils and gums, pain in the shoulder and neck area also signal disharmony in the flow of energies in this chakra.

Aquamarine, chalcedony and turquoise are the main minerals that harmonize the throat chakra. Other blue-colored stones such as blue pearls, topaz and lapis lazuli will also help to improve the energy flow of Vishudha. Minerals are used in meditative practices, they are inserted into necklaces, beads or rings.

6. Ajna - Third Eye Chakra

When it is harmonious, ideas and dreams are easily realized, one can cognize the world, focus on tasks. Ajna concentrates the energy needed to reveal psychic abilities.

Ajna block deprives a person of the ability to realize intuitive and emotional thinking, to fully perceive the world, the ability to empathy is lost. Everything in life is reduced to logic and analytics. Criticism, tendency to tyranny and manipulation are manifestations of underdeveloped or blocked frontal chakra. In terms of physical health, problems with Ajna are manifested through neurological diseases, vision and hearing problems, headaches.

The main minerals of Ajna are sodalite, lapis lazuli and sapphire. Other minerals of deep-blue color (for example, fluorite, amethyst, indigolite) also help in harmonizing its energy flows.

You can restore the interbrow chakra by meditation: the corresponding mineral should be contemplated, holding it in the palms of your hands at the level of the eyebrows. Usually it is necessary to meditate regularly for several hours to achieve a tangible effect. Wearing a ring with its gem on the index finger, as well as jewelry in the form of diadems or bracelets) can activate and harmonize the energy.

7. Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

It is never blocked, but it can be underdeveloped or underdeveloped. This manifests itself through problems with sleep, nervous system, immune system disorders, chronic diseases. In addition, a person with undeveloped venus chakra can lose the meaning of life, begins to abuse power (if he has it), behaves arrogantly and rudely.

Its minerals are diamond, rock crystal and amethyst. Selenite, topaz, charoite and other gems of this chakra can also work with Sahasrara.

To work on the energy flow you can put the mineral on your head while meditating or under your head during rest, wear a ring with a natural stone on your thumb or decorate your hair with inlaid combs, hairpins and headbands.

Awaken your chakras, restore balance, and harness the healing powers of nature. Meditate, wear, and surround yourself with these crystals to experience a profound transformation in your energy and well-being.

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