Essence Of Truth Bracelet

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Bead dia: 6 mm
Size: XXS

African Jade activates the Root Chakra (Muladhara), strengthening the grounding element, while Red Web Jasper, together with the Heart Chakra (Anahata), brings harmony and love, promoting inner healing and transformation.

Crafted from natural semi-precious gemstones, including round Red Web Jasper beads, this bracelet carries a special crystal energy charge that fosters healing and strengthens the energy field. Allow yourself to feel the power of each stone and delight in its natural beauty, enabling your spirit to bloom and find inner balance.

Made in the USA

Bead dia: 6 mm
Size: XXS
African Jade

The stone, valued for its serene energy, is believed to bring emotional balance, enhance mental clarity, and promote inner peace and harmony.

Red Web Jasper

The stone possesses spiritual and healing properties such as balancing energy, strength and endurance, support for circulation and mental health, and enhancement of analytical abilities.