The Way Of Inner Peace Bracelet

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Bead dia: 6 mm
Size: XXS

Black Lava, with its volcanic beads, supports the Heart Chakra (Anahata), promoting emotional healing and bringing inner peace, while African Jade, as a crystal energy stone, possesses powerful healing power, stimulating heart energy and joyful self-expression.

Crafted from natural stones, including beads of Black Lava and African Jade, this bracelet exudes natural beauty and powerful energy of spiritual growth. Feel the power of each stone and let this bracelet become your companion on the path to harmony and healing.

Made in the USA

Bead dia: 6 mm
Size: XXS
African Jade

The stone, valued for its serene energy, is believed to bring emotional balance, enhance mental clarity, and promote inner peace and harmony.

Black Lava

The stone is prized for its grounding properties, believed to provide strength and stability during times of change, promote courage and resilience, and offer a sense of calm and balance, enhancing overall well-being.